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Pet Tributes

Riley - Riley was our first baby. He taught my husband and I what true, unconditional love was like. Even though he was a terrible farm dog (scared of his own shadow), he was the best companion and loved to be at your side. He rarely barked, so it was a shock to us when he let out a big 'RUFF' as our minister announced us husband and wife in church. I will miss his cuddles during storms as we comforted each other and his sad, tragic face that got him everything he wanted. Rest easy bud.

Ivan - Ivan came as a stray from the local Pound. Some may have said he wasn't the prettiest cat, but I saw beauty in his crooked jaw and a nose that was as smooshy as they come. He loved carbs and destroyed many loaves of fresh bread. He was a great therapy cat and visited local senior homes and the odd kindergarten and daycare class. I hope he is chasing all the flies and eating all the bread and muffins down the rainbow bridge.